Todays google doodle celebrates the beginning of christmas season

google Christmas
Google started with a doodle now, Christmas Celebration

Google has made this time with its doodle 3 animated image, which has the highest focus on penguins and parrots

New Delhi (Tech Desk). There is just a few days in Christmas Celebration. But Google has prepared its own new doodle series to celebrate the December global festivities that will take place on December 25. Google has made this with its own doodle 3 animated image, in which the focus is most focused on penguins and parrots.

Google’s new doodle
In the first image, both penguins and parrors are seen talking on the phone. There is another penguin with penguins and 4 candles are burning behind the penguins. This image shows that both are planning to meet. When the image is clicked, the second image opens, in which the penguin is packing suitcases and is going to stop it. Apart from this the other penguin is reading something. In the image, a bag is placed near the other penguin. Apart from this, the winter is shown in the image, so the penguin has kept the cap. After this, when you click on the next image, there are several Gift Boxes in it.

Doodle’s special point
Besides, there is a photo frame in the doodle with two penguins and two parrots. 4 gifts will appear in the frame and one of them is written 18, one on 25, one on 31 and one on 1. Among them, gift box with 18 is open. According to Google, in this festival, brothers and sisters are very excited to spend time with each other.

Sakshi Pandya

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